Teaching Innovation Fund

Past Grants


Teaching Innovation Fund (TIF) Grants, 2018-2020

Total projects: 26 


  • Teaching Abstract Concepts in Biology in Concrete Ways, Andover High
  • Image Making with the Writing Process, Bancroft Elementary
  • Intro to Design Thinking Workshop, Bancroft Elementary
  • Sanborn C.A.R.E.S Mural, Sanborn Elementary
  • Museum Workshops – Integrating the Arts with Reading and Writing, Sanborn Elementary
  • Building Culture Through Photography, Sanborn Elementary
  • Design Thinking and Innovation, West Elementary
  • La Cuisine Française, West Middle
  • Encountering Don Quixote, Wood Hill Middle


  • Modern Home Design Project, All three middle schools
  • Virtual Reality in the Classroom, Bancroft Elementary
  • Making Sense of the Hallway: Sensory Learning, Sanborn Elementary
  • Inclusion through Innovation, Bancroft Elementary
  • LEAP Kits Implementation, District-wide
  • Coding Curriculum Connections, West Elementary
  • Standing Desk Workstations, West Elementary
  • Books for Second Step, High Plain Elementary
  • All-in-One Electrophoresis Units Bring Biotechnology to Life, Andover High
  • Data Loggers for Passive Solar House Design Project, Andover High


  • A Beloved Book Room, Doherty Middle
  • 8th Grade Air powered Rockets, West Middle
  • Ways of Seeing Art, Andover High
  • Collaborative Clay Sculpture, Sanborn Elementary
  • Oaxaca in Andover, Wood Hill Middle
  • Bring Biotechnology to More Students, Andover High
  • School Garden, High Plain Elementary


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October 1, 2021.

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