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ACE will hold a grantee reception in the spring recognizing the grantees for the year, and we ask that you make every effort to attend so that we can facilitate the sharing of your terrific work with others district wide.

ACE encourages grant recipients to publicize their grants in their schools and in our community, as appropriate. Please consider promoting your project or event in your school bulletin, your school website(s), and/or the local newspaper or cable station.


Please retain any receipts, which must be made available to ACE if so requested.

Grant recipients are required to use their funds in the manner that was outlined in the grant application. If you wish to request that funds be reallocated, please contact us at ace.tifgrant@gmail.com.

Project Completion

Grant projects are expected to be completed by June of 2025. Should you need an extension, please contact us by emailing ace.tifgrant@gmail.com.

Follow Up

After completion of your project, ACE will ask you to share how it went. Specifically, we will ask you:

Project Outcomes

  • When was project completed?
  • Did the project achieve expected outcomes? If not, why?

Project Impact

  • How many students were impacted by this project?
  • What was the impact of the project on students? How do you know?
  • Were there unanticipated impacts of this project that you’d like to share?
  • Were you able to share this project with, or involve, other educators?

Future Plans

  • Will you continue this project going forward?
  • Are there new projects that may stem from this project?

Optional: Do you have feedback on the grant process?

  • Application
  • Award
  • Disbursement


Share your feedback by contacting ace.tifgrant@gmail.com.


ACE will consider grant requests of up to


The 2024 Grant Application will be available in early January.
All applications will be due by
February 29, 2024.

Next Steps

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ACE is a Field of Interest Fund of the Essex County Community Foundation (MA), a 501(c)(3) charitable organization (Tax ID 04-3407816.) Donations to ACE are tax-deductible.

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