Teaching Innovation Fund

Budget Requirements

All grant applications must include an itemized list of each expense associated with the grant request in the budget section of the application.

If you are receiving additional financial support for your project from other groups, such as the PTOs, the Andover Cultural Council, or another granting organization, please share that information in the budget section of your proposal. ACE encourages collaborative efforts.


The application is available as a Google Form.

You are required to obtain the approval of the principal of your school or the head of your department.  In the application, you will be asked to include the contact information for your principal or head of department.  Once you submit your application, a copy will be sent to your principal or head of department for approval.  

Thank you for considering applying to the ACE Teaching Innovation Fund!



Share your feedback by contacting ace.tifgrant@gmail.com.


ACE will consider grant requests of up to


The 2024 Grant Application will be available in early January.
All applications will be due by
February 29, 2024.

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