Total Granted:  $37,800


The Andover_Portal is the world’s first public school district to host a Portal, that will celebrate and engage the historic, emergent, and thriving global community throughout the Merrimack Valley.

The Andover_Portal exists as a mission-driven experience of teaching and learning.  All of our Portal connections are in support of authentic and personalized, student-centered learning. The Andover_Portal seeks to connect with a global community through the arts, sciences, languages, history, design, entrepreneurship, and engineering in order to enhance all of the essential learning as readers, writers, thinkers and collaborators by working together to discover common ground that serves a greater good. We believe that solutions depend on perspective and that the Portal provides unfettered access to understanding the critical complexity of living on Earth.

Our vision for the Andover Portal is to create a safe space for our students and the entire community to connect with real people in real time from around the world. Andover is a global community and the Portal represents a creative and collaborative way to learn, teach, design and create.