Grant Date: April 2010

ACE Grant: $108,319

Funding Partner: Horne Family Foundation

ACE began its most ambitious fundraising project in 2008 with the Horne Family Foundation. ACE set out to raise $128,000 to fund a state-of-the-art language lab at Andover High School. Andover High School had obsolete equipment, teaching language courses using cassette tapes and workbooks. Foreign language proficiency is a critical skill in our global world.

We’re just very, very excited to have the opportunity to have this lab. It will really expand our language program. The big thing is we’re very thankful to ACE. We wouldn’t have it, if it weren’t for those private donations.”

ACE achieved this funding goal in 2010 and a state-of-the-art language lab was purchased. The new language lab puts Andover High School at the forefront of language learning teaching methods and technology. Andover students learn using modern software running on computer workstations. Students communicate with other students in foreign countries via the Internet. These comments and articles capture the excitement of the new language lab.

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