ACE Grants

Since its founding in November 2005, ACE has granted over $1,000,000 to the Andover schools. Focused on innovation and impact, ACE funds initiatives with the potential for sustainability and scalability across the Andover school system. Our initiatives span the full spectrum of academic disciplines and vary based on need from year to year.

The vast majority of ACE initiatives are funded at the district level. These initiatives are identified through working closely with the Superintendent’s office and are fully vetted and reviewed by the ACE Board. In addition, a portion of our funding goes directly to teacher-inspired ideas through the Teaching Innovation Fund.

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Our Past Grants

Andover High School Graphics Lab

Grant Date: 2013 Total Program Cost: $ 28,000+ ACE Grant: $14,000 WHAT: ACE funded the initial lease of 25 Macintosh computers with the Adobe CS6 software to replace old computers in the graphics lab. WHY: According to superintendent Marinel McGrath, "The graphics...

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Grant Date: 2012 Total Program Cost: $ 30,000+ ACE Grant: $30,000 WHAT: ACE welcomes this timely and important initiative that seeks to enrich the school experience of our young people by inviting skilled, professional artists to be directly involved in the making,...

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Grant Date: April 2012 ($1,500), March 2013 ($7,900) Total Program Cost: $9,400 ACE Grant:  $9,400 WHAT: This grant funded a new hanging system in the Collins Center and the Central Administration building in April 2012. All Andover schools received moveable art walls...

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Open Circle Program

Grant Date: March 2011 Total Program Cost: $29,000 ACE Grant: $23,600 (as of March 2011) This grant funded part of the Open Circle program for all of Andover's elementary schools. To date, ACE has partnered with the PTOs from Bancroft, Sanborn, South,...

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Andover High School Language Lab

Grant Date: April 2010 ACE Grant: $108,319 Funding Partner: Horne Family Foundation ACE began its most ambitious fundraising project in 2008 with the Horne Family Foundation. ACE set out to raise $128,000 to fund a state-of-the-art language lab at Andover High School....

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Smart Board Purchases

Grant Date: February 2010 ACE Grant: $3,162 These funds provided Doherty Middle School and Wood Hill Middle School the resource to complete the purchase of Smart Boards for student learning. ACE supported this initiative so that deadlines would be met in the...

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Andover School System Grants Coordinator

Grant Date: March 2006 - July 2008 ACE Grant: $98,025 In 2005, ACE saw the potential for the Andover School System to qualify for many state, federal, and private foundation grants by having a Grants Coordinator position.  This position was new to the Andover Public...

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Middle School Physics Equipment

Grant Date: April 2008 ACE Grant: $10,000 ACE funded the complete purchase of Physics equipment at all three Andover Middle Schools. This will enhance and improve the science curriculum at the middle schools and allow Andover High School to accelerate the Physics...

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Engineering is Elementary (EIE) Curriculum

Grant Date: November 2007 ACE Grant: $21,360.00 This program, fully funded by ACE, and developed through the Boston Museum of Science promotes technological and engineering skills and concepts to 2700 students in all six Andover elementary schools. EIE, an engaging...

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Expeditionary Learning Program

Grant Date: April 2006, June 2007 ACE Grant: $40,000 The ACE funded Expeditionary Learning/Outward Bound Program at Wood Hill Middle School provides students with multi-curricular hands-on experiences. These funds significantly supported the professional development...

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Doherty Middle School Engineering Lab

Grant Date: April 2007 ACE Grant: $7,000 Funding Partners:  Andona Society, Doherty Middle School PAC ACE partnered with the Doherty Middle School PAC and the Andona Society in 2007 to retrofit the old wood shop at Doherty into a new engineering and science laboratory...

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Inspire Our Students to Succeed

ACE is a Field of Interest Fund of the Essex County Community Foundation (MA), a 501(c)(3) charitable organization (Tax ID 04-3407816.) Donations to ACE are tax-deductible.

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