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 ACE: A Tribute to Tony James.


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ACE – Moving to the Next Level

ACE recently passed the $500,000 fundraising benchmark, which gave us an opportunity to reflect on our successes on behalf of the students of Andover.

  • Our two-year, $100,000 investment in the schools grants coordinator generated $1.1 million in grants for the district, a 1100% return on investment.  Since 2008, the grants coordinator position has been funded through the public school budget and the grants total exceeds $2 million.

  • Our funding of the new middle school engineering curriculum will enable students at all three middles schools the opportunity to design, build, and program devices using Legos Mindstorm EV3 Core and Expansion kits.

  • Our funding of Andover's Weatherbug station, located on the roof of Andover High School, provides students at all 10 Andover public schools with a rich collection of tutorials, videos, maps, lessons, and other curriculum resources designed for different grade levels for use in all subject areas.  Visit and enter 01810.

  • Our funding of Engineering is Elementary at all of our elementary schools, and the middle schools engineering program was the catalyst for developing comprehensive engineering and STEAM courses at the high school, a unique offering in Massachusetts.

  • Our purchase of the digital foreign language laboratory has transformed how foreign languages are taught at the high school.

  • A recent ACE grant funding a Visiting Artist Program is designed to bring trained, knowledgeable, and practicing artists into the school setting where they can share the benefits of the creative process with students.

  • Our support of numerous smaller initiatives has provided our students with opportunities to explore a myriad of innovative ideas.

  • Our Scarecrow Festival last fall leveraged our partnerships with the schools and downtown businesses to demonstrate Andover students’ artistic and creative abilities and provided a new signature event for downtown Andover that brought the community together in addition to raising funds for ACE.

We are proud of these accomplishments, but we are also conscious of our continuing obligation to help inspire our students with innovative, system-wide initiatives.  In fact, we desire to expand our support of the schools.  To accomplish this, we need to bring our fundraising to a new level! 

We hope that our existing donors and new supporters will join us in this ambitious initiative to provide Andover students with the best opportunities for success in the 21st century. To contribute, checks may be written to ACE/ECCF and mailed to: Andover Coalition for Education, PO Box 1521, Andover, MA 01810 or a donation can be made online at